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We care about others

Giving back to our community and society is at the core of what we do. We contribute to initiatives and reforms that enhance the continuous growth of our community.

Alleviating Poverty, Creating Opportunities 

We support organisations that promote and protect the basic human rights of the street children of Kinshasa referred to as “Shegues”, enabling them to enjoy a dignified childhood through the provision of food assistance, health, education, vocational training and support in the reintegration process.

Climate Change and Sustainability 

We recognise that as a business, our behaviour can help support the transition to a low-carbon economy. We can help to minimise and even eliminate our environmental impact.

We are committed to implementing best practices in our operations management and, particularly in respect of reducing fuel consumption, air travel and printing on paper.

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

At Oganiru, our aim is to build an ambitious, inclusive and meritocratic environment that fosters success. For us, the differences between our people create opportunities not barriers.

We have strategies in place to achieve better gender balance at the top of our Firm. Our goal is to increase the proportion of women in our partnership to at least 30%.

We know that we are on a journey and it will take some time but we will remain accountable until we get there.       

Pro Bono

Oganiru has a genuine commitment to pro bono work that is unmatched in the Democratic Republic of Congo. We believe that we can use our legal expertise to help people in need, those who otherwise cannot afford the services we offer.

As a consequence, our lawyers are encouraged to dedicate a defined portion of their time towards pro bono projects.